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Bridges and interchanges:

The company Chaâbane & Co has made dozens of bridges in different parts of Tunisia, and many overpasses, underpasses and interchanges many different designs, including on site junction of the Avenue of the Republic Z4 and exchanger Hammamet North, etc..

Roads and Highways:

The company Chaâbane & Co ensured the realization of thousands of kilometers of roads and motorways, as well as the rehabilitation and the restoration of several trunk roads, expressways and agricultural tracks.

Aéroports : 

The company Chaâbane & Co has done work expansion of airports, development of parking of aircraft, runways and landing and parking of cars thereon that on site:

  • The International airport Jerba - Zarzis
  • The international airport Tozeur - Nafta
  • The international airport of Monastir
  • the International airport Sfax - Thyna
  • The international airport Enfidha (work of the deep foundations and earthwork).

The company also carried out the functional and operational centers on behalf of the shipping company air.

Railway projects :

The company Chaâbane & Co participated in the realization of some railway projects of the Ministry of Transport.

Planning, Roads and utility networks (VRD) :

The company Chaâbane & Co arranged thousands of hectares of residential areas, industrial and tourist including the realization of the various networks there related.

Hydraulic work :

The company Chaâbane & Co completed the works of hundreds of kilometers of  drinking water pipeline between citieand hundreds of miles of irrigation pipe irrigation. 

The company also built many water tanks (capacity 5000 m3 to 10,000 m3), pumping stations and several dams and hill.